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What’s SUP? SUP boarding, also known as Stand Up Paddle Boarding, is the new craze and the history of this summer sport is about as confusing as what people are doing with them. There is SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP touring, Whitewater SUPing...  can we say they are just plain crazy? Just kidding! Now, either everyone wants to try it or has already tried it; and we just want to let you know “it’s awesome!”

The summer started off a bit late this year, but it hit Revelstoke in full force by July long weekend. The weather is hot and the lakes that surround us are at the perfect temperature to cool you off. There are many lakes to choose from in Revelstoke but our favourite has got to be Lake Revelstoke. The best starting point on Lake Revelstoke is Martha Creek Provinicial Park where you can gear up and start your paddle adventure. There, the water is calm and refreshing, and the views are just spectacular. Not to mention there are some beautiful spots to have a picnic before or after you paddle. 

Didn’t come here with a board? You can find a new shop that just opened in the downtown area selling and renting SUP boards. The new shop is called Fine Line SUP and it is located within PULSE Boot fitting. We have a sneaky suspicion they will be very busy this summer! If you have a chance, you should definitely stop in and see what they have to offer. Prices of SUP rentals are only 79$ per day or 59$ for a half day.
If those prices don’t appease you, there are two other options in town. The Revelstoke Trading Post rent paddleboards for 20$ for 2 hours and 10$ for each addition hour.  That is price you can’t beat! Free Spirit Sports also have rentals from 45$ for half day and 60$ for a full day. These are some great options to try out, all offering different styles and brands!

Why would you want to be anywhere else than on a lake in this heat? And what other way to do that than to try out SUP! We think you will be pleasantly surprised and enjoy cooling off with this new summer sport.