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Are you the adventurous type and contemplating what do during your stay to Revelstoke, BC? We may just have the perfect suggestion! Revelstoke Paragliding offers a unique experience where you get to join an experienced team of pilots as they take you on a tandem paragliding flight! This may not be for the faint hearted, but we have to say, it’s worth ticking off the bucket list.

If you want to see Revelstoke from way up high, through the eyes of an Eagle, then this might be right up your “sky”. Paragliding takes you to a whole new level of adventure, much different than your standard hike or bike. And what better way to see the Monashee and Selkirk Mountains around us than from an aerial view?

When you sign up for a tandem, you will be greeted at the base of Revelstoke Mountain Resort by an exciting and enthusiastic group of pilots. From there, you will be taken up the gondola to the Mackenzie outpost where you will jump into a vehicle to bring you to the very top of the mountain. See RMR in all it’s summer glory with mountain views and alpine flowers. You will be safely fastened in a harness, and provided with a briefing before you prepare for liftoff.

Once in the air, you will soar through the sky like a bird soaking in the beautiful Columbia Valley. Hopefully you will be lucky enough to even float up into the clouds and catch a breath of the fresh, cool air. Coming into landing, you will gently touch down and be glad you experienced one of the most unique adventures Revelstoke has to offer.

As we bring up the sport in conversation and ask what others think about it, you can hear the excitement about wanting to try it at least once in their lifetime. Paragliding first started over 40 years ago, however there is a bit of difference of opinion on where it originated. Some say it was David Barish who was developing a space capsule recovery device in the 1960’s, while others say it was group of skydivers in the late 70’s, who were flying their parachutes off some small hills in eastern Montana.

Regardless of who invented the sport, it has blown up with over 150,000 active pilots world wide and now specialised gear focused on improving a glider’s performance and safety. Paragliding pilots can now fly hundreds of kilometers and reach heights of over 20000 feet! Crazy!

To get a better idea of what is in store during a Tandem Paragliding Flight, check out this amazing video of one of our very own locals, flying over Revelstoke!