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posted by: The Stoke Hotel

The countdown is on! Revelstoke Mountain Resort will be opening in 3 days! Can you feel the excitement in the air? As you take a wander through our little mountain town, many new faces are sprouting up. It’s that time of year again when people travel from all over the world to experience our prestigious snow falls and beautiful ski terrain.

As the snow comes down the tree line and ends up at our front doors, we begin to sense a warmth inside us. For many of us, skiing or snowboarding is what brought us here in the first place, so we can relate to the new faces journeying to Revelstoke. We notice some are here for a short time only, while others are here for the long haul. Regardless, it is quite spectacular to be a part of the commotion that the winter festivities bring.

This year will mark the 11th season of operation for Revelstoke Mountain Resort. For over a decade we have had new visitors, powder days, and people celebrating the amazing memories. For all of us that work in hospitality, we are very familiar with the enthusiasm. Some who come here are experiencing a powder day or tree skiing for the very first time and they light up with excitement when they tell us about their day. And we the ambassadors of this town, are always eager to hear about it! We love knowing our guests are enjoying their time in a town that we proudly call home. 

We hope that your stay in Revelstoke this winter is the best yet and that the snow fairy brings you lots of powder days. Don’t forget to be safe and follow the rules of the mountain. The ski patrollers are nice and all, but we are sure they rather you stay in one piece. Watch out for tree wells, exposed terrain early season and always ride with a buddy. See you on the slopes!